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My name is Kathleen and George is my horse.  At the age of 60 I discovered my true passion!  I was introduced to Equine Assisted Therapies at Freedom Hooves Therapeutic Riding Center in Wichita, Kansas.  I was so moved by this amazing work I immediately became involved.  
While volunteering at Freedom Hooves I was approached to participate in a Pilot Program working with the Breakthrough Club using the EAGALA model.  After just one session I became a believer in the power of using horses to change lives.  

One night while pondering how I could spread the word about Equine Assisted Therapies & Learning, I decided to write a children's book telling the story of how working with horses helps people of all ages.  That's how the first book was inspired with "George the Therapy Horse" as the main character.

George becomes a Therapy Horse and this book tells the story of his experiences and the wonderful people he meets and, ultimately, helps.  

In 2009 I began my EAGALA certification training as an Equine Specialist and have co-facilitated in Equine Assisted Therapies & Learning.  Since then I have also had training in Faith Based Equine Assisted Philosophy and Horses Healing Grief.  I am blessed to be a part of this amazing and powerful work.

George is a bay American Quarter Horse gelding and has been my personal horse since 2002.  He is good-natured and very intelligent.  He has proven to be a very talented therapy horse.

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